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Gaza fischeri Dall, 1889

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Gaza fischeri

Autor: Simone, L.R.L. & Cunha, C.M.

Gaza fischeri

Autor: Dall, W.H.

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Diagnosis: Color of entire shell pale-beige iridescent, smooth, spire very low with about five whorls. Protoconch without hole in adult. Body whorl with very narrow spiral lines, spire diameter about 60% of total shell diameter. Weak carina at middle level of body whorl. Umbilicus completely covered by callus. Orifices in anterior part of mesopodium: 5 on left, 6 on right side. Number of epipodial tentacles: 6 on right, 5 on left side. Rachidian tooth with trapezoidal base, about 1/6 of total radular width, about 20 tall, slender marginal teeth.
Distinctive description
Shell: Size about 30 mm. Color beige with orange tinge. General form discoid; spire low, height nearly one half of body whorl, about half its volume. Spire profile forming flat dome; whorls highly convex, suture well marked. Protoconch smooth, glossy, with about 2 whorls. Sculpture similar to that of G compta, with about 25 spiral lines in penultimate whorl. Teleoconch with first 4 whorls possessing axial lines weakly broader than local spiral lines, well spaced from each other, stronger close to upper suture smooth, gradually disappearing towards lower suture; gradually axial lines disappearing before penultimate whorl; peri-umbilical area with weak axial sculpture. Callus sealing entire lower region of umbilical opening.
Source: Simone, L.R.L. & Cunha, C.M. 2006; Revision of genera Gaza and Callogaza (Vetigastropoda, Trochidae), with description of a new Brazilian species.
This shell is of six and a half whorls, and closely resembles Gaza daedala Watson, except in the following particulars. It is much more depressed proportionally ; the upper margin of the aperture is distinctly depressed below its general plane; and the radiating lines, almost microscopic in G. daedala, are in this form impressed in the early whorls near the suture, so a3 to produce a succession of short ripples, following the recurved lines of growth, which give a fringe-like ornamentation to the suture, at the rate of about five ripples to a millimeter. Nothing like this is visible in any of the specimens of G. superba. The margin of the suture in thi3 form is distinctly appressed, forming a narrow border. The operculum has about seven whorls. The umbilicus is completely floored over. The soft parts are like those of G. superba, but the tentacles are shorter and stouter, the lateral lobes of the epipodium proportionally larger, there is one more lateral process, and the muzzle is not so much expanded laterally at its termination. Max, diam. of base, 25.0; min. diam., 20.0; alt., 16.0 mm.
Dall, W.H., 1889 - A preliminary catalogue of the shell-bearing marine mollusks and brachiopods of the southeastern coast of the United States

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This species is readily separated from the others in the commalike axial plications on the early whorls and an umbilical pad which completely covers the umbilicus. The spiral sculpture is coarser than in Gaza superba or G. superba cubana, and there is a series of short radial plications around the umbilical margin (usually hidden by the umbilical pad) which are not present in the other species. G. fischeri appears to be the most common species of Gaza in the Western Atlantic although future trawling along the Caribbean coast of Central America may show one of the other species to be more common.
Quinn J F 1979 - The systematics and zoogeography of the gastropod family Trochidae collected in the Straits of Florida and its approaches


The Straits of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and from Cuba south throughout the Caribbean Sea.
Bathymetric range: From 600 to 1021 m.
Quinn J F 1979 - The systematics and zoogeography of the gastropod family Trochidae collected in the Straits of Florida and its approaches

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EN Galli C.: WMSDB - Wolrdwide Mollusc Species Data Base July 10, 2013 [] [jako Gaza fischeri Dall, 1889]
Datum citace: 23. listopad 2013

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