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Gaza Watson, 1879

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"Shell turbinate to depressed turbinate, rather thin, generally highly opalescent. Umbilicus deep, rather wide and partially or completely covered by a columellar pad or callus. Operculum corneous, multispiral, thin and colored a pale amber" (Clench & Abbott, 1943.)
Gaza is a beautiful and very distinct genus of trochids. It is restricted to deep water and possesses a thin, highly nacreous shell which readily separates it from other genera. It has been considered rather rare, but recent collections, especially in the Gulf of Mexico and southern Caribbean, have shown that Gaza is not uncommon, and may even be abundant in areas of mud and sand bottom in depths of 400-600 m. Like many other trochids, species of Gaza probably feed primarily on detrital material and possibly on minute infaunal organisms, such as benthic foraminifera.
Geographic distribution: The few species known seem to be distributed in deep tropical waters, probably circumtropical, although I can find no species attributed to the Indian Ocean.
Bathymetric range: Exclusively deep water, from about 200 to over 1000 m, with the exception of G. (Callogaza) sericata Kira from Japan, which occurs in rather shallow water (less than 200 m).
Quinn J F 1979 - The systematics and zoogeography of the gastropod family Trochidae collected in the Straits of Florida and its approaches

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druh Gaza compta L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2006

Gaza compta

druh Gaza cubana W.J. Clench & C.G. Aguayo, 1940

Gaza cubana

druh Gaza daedala R. B. Watson, 1878

Gaza daedala

druh Gaza fischeri Dall, 1889

Gaza fischeri

druh Gaza olivacea J.F. Quinn, 1991

Gaza olivacea

druh Gaza polychoronos C. Vilvens, 2012
druh Gaza rathbuni W. H. Dall, 1890

Gaza rathbuni

druh Gaza superba (Dall, 1881)

Gaza superba

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