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Pseudopusula rota (Weinkauff, 1881)

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Pseudopusula rota

Autor: Fehse & Grego

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Severní Amerika: Kostarika, Mexiko, Jižní Amerika: Ekvádor

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Shell 17 to 23 mm, fairly heavy weight, callused, solid and almost circular. Spire covered by callus. Body whorl semi-circular, inflated and rounded, about 80% of total height, with both terminals not really produced. Both terminal tips blunt. Dorsum profile roundly trapezoidal, completely covered by fine ribs - about 12 on average - with a long, broad, clearly defined, deeply incised sulcus mid-dorsally that bisects the ribs. Dorsal ribs widely spaced, fine, becoming coarser towards sulcus, forming nodules on both sides of the sulcus. Ventrum convex with widely spaced, fine, less numerous ribs. Shell periphery callused and edged. Aperture narrow over its entire length widened only barely at the fossular section. Position of the aperture almost in the shell centre. Aperture straight in its mid-portion but curved posteriorly. Labrum roundly callused, broad, slightly curved, keeled towards its inner margin. Labrum bears on average 13 fine denticles on its inner margin. Siphonal and anal canals follow the shell profile. Columella straight, interior margin slightly curved, narrow and tapering steeply inwards. Parietal lip straight, curved posteriorly, slightly keeled, crossed by on average 12 ribs. Fossula concave and not clearly delimited from the rest of the columella. Inner fossular edge slightly protruded. Shell rosy brown with ventrum, ribs, nodules, and shell periphery lighter coloured. In fresh specimens two large faintly diffused fawn coloured dorsal blotches bordered by an almost continuous line of small diffused fawn spots. This frame of spots maintains more less the same distance from the dorsal blotches and continues by isolated small faint spots towards the margin. The base and margins of some fresh specimens can be light olive green-grey coloured. Columella and fossula white.

A variety is known with more ovate shell outline and a less defined dorsal sulcus. The dorsal coloration is whitish with light reddish brown clouds, a white sulcus, reddish brown area along sulcus and two darker brown patches on mid-dorsum. The margins and ventrum are rosy brown. Ribs light rosy brown. Another shell is wine-red with ribs and ventrum of lighter colour. L= 18-20.5, W = 82-91 % of length, LT = 14-16, CT = 12 - 14 (for rota: ratio W/L according to Schilder, 1967: 74%)
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)


W Costa Rica: no detailed data available. Ecuador: Guayaquil; Manta; Santa Elena.
W Mexico: Bahia Cuastecomate; Matzlan; Acapulco.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

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