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Pusula garciai Fehse & Grego, 2014

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Pusula garciai

Autor: Fehse & Grego

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Severní Amerika: Mexiko, Spojené státy americké (Florida), Jižní Amerika: Brazílie

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Shell between 14 and 18 mm in length, slightly heavy weight, solid and ovate. Spire barely elevated, covered by callus. Body whorl subtriangular and rounded, almost 90% of total height with both terminals slightly produced. Terminal tips blunt. Dorsum roundly elevated, completely covered by 10 to 16 fine, slightly irregular ribs. An incised, long, narrow, clearly defined, smooth dorsal sulcus extends longitudinally across the center of the dorsum, bisecting all of the ribs; the latter forming prominent nodules adjacent to the furrow. Dorsal ribs less numerous and not much close-set. Ventrum distinctly rounded, slightly convex, with both terminals barely recurved and covered by coarse, widely spaced ribs. Shell periphery callused and somewhat edged. Aperture wide, becoming wider in its anterior portion. Labrum broadened, slightly convex, widest in mid-portion, becoming narrower towards the terminals. Inner labral margin edged, bearing an average of 14 fine, equal teeth. Siphonal and anal canals follow the shell profile. Parietal lip widely sinuous, less developed, crossed by an average of 11 ribs. Columella narrow, concave, interior margin slightly edged with fine, less numerous and close-set denticles. Ribs becoming slightly finer and close-set onto columella. Fossula concave with fine and close-set ribs. Fossula not clearly delimited from the rest of the columella. Inner fossular edge protruded. Columella and fossula taper into the aperture in a 45° angle. Dorsal colour light beige, with three irregular dark brown patches on mid-dorsum and at either end of the sulcus. Dorsal ribs covered with numerous dark brown dots and lines. Ventrum and margins light brown. Ventral ribs, labral denticles, both canals, columella and fossula pure white. Ventral ribs also covered with dark brown dots along the margin. The elevation of the dorsum varies. In some specimens the dorsal ribs are more dense and numerous. The outline in some shells is rather circular.
L = 13 - 18, W = 75 - 82 % of length, LT = 13 -16, CT = 10 - 13, RR = 10 - 16; data based on 17 specimens.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

Možné záměny

Pusula garciai sp. nov. is the next outstanding species with respect to its coloration and shell ribbing. At first sight, P. garciai sp. nov. is similar to P. bessei because both possess a similar dorsal colour pattern, but P. garciai is easily distinguishable from P. bessei by other aspects of its coloration: P. garciai possesses brown instead of white dots and lines on the ribs, ventrum and margins are light brown instead of red, ventral ribs have brown dots, and the canals are white instead of red. The two also differ in their shell morphology as P. garciai possesses smooth dorsal ribs whereas they are knobbed in P. bessei. The summit of the dorsal elevation is located almost mid-dorsally in P. garciai instead of in the posterior third in P. bessei. Furthermore, P. garciai has a more projecting inner fossular margin.
A closer resemblance exists between P. garciai and P. costispunctata with respect to their shell coloration. However, the shell coloration of P. costispunctata is usually darker and brownish, especially of the ventrum, and P. garciai differs by its generally lighter and pinkish colour pattern. The new species - P. garciai - differs, furthermore, from P. costispunctata by the more distant, less numerous dorsal ribs and by the smaller and more disperse granules on the intercostal surface in contrast to the larger and more isolated granules in P. costispunctata (Fig. 14). In P. costispunctata many ribs terminate before reaching the dorsal summit, and therefore they appear more close-set and numerous. Pusula garciai is also distinguishable by the smooth dorsal ribs. The ribs of P. costispunctata are crenulated and rough. The idea of a possible subspecific relationship is not confirmed by the sympatric occurrence of the two at Cancun NE Yucatan and Florida Keys.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)


Brazil: Camocim, Ceara.
E Mexico: type locality and Pt. Mosquito. Holbox, Yucatan Peninsula.
U.S.A.: Palm Beach, Florida; Florida Keys.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

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