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Pusula cimex (G. B. Sowerby II, 1870)

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Pusula cimex

Autor: Fehse & Grego

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Severní Amerika: Bahamy, Barbados, Honduras, Kuba

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Shell between 7 to 13 mm, lightweight, solid and ovate. Spire covered by callus. Body whorl sub-triangular, inflated and rounded, about 80% of total height, with both terminals produced. Both terminal tips blunt. Dorsum profile roundly trapezoidal, completely covered by ribs - about 12 on average -with a long, narrow, incised sulcus mid-dorsally that bisects the ribs. Ventrum almost flat with recurved terminals. Aperture narrow over its entire length widened only barely at the fossular section. Aperture straight in its mid-portion but curved posteriorly. Labrum roundly callused, narrow, slightly curved, keeled towards its inner margin. Outer labral margin roundly callused. Labrum bears on its inner margin on average 12 fine denticles. Siphonal and anal canals follow the shell profile. Columella curved, narrow and tapering steeply inwards. Parietal lip straight, curved posteriorly, slightly keeled, crossed by on average 11 ribs. Fossula concave and not clearly delimited from the rest of the columella. Inner fossular edge slightly protruded. Dorsum light beige with numerous brownish dots and three almost black, irregular patches on both ends of the sulcus and one on the dorsal center. Margins reddish brown with light beige dots, ventrum reddish brown, columella, fossula and canals pure white.
The outline varies from ovate to almost circular. Some shells are somewhat callused. Sometimes the dorsal sulcus is much narrowed. The ventral colour varies from light rosy, to reddish brown to almost red. Some shells appear almost red whereas others look almost blackish. Sometimes three dark patches coalesce into one blotch of the labral side of the dorsum.
L = 7 - 12, W = 75 - 83 % of length, LT = 11 - 15, CT = 9-15, RR= 10 -18; data based on 15 specimens.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

Možné záměny

Pusula cimex is separated from P. costispunctata immediately by the coloration of the latter and from P. labiosa by the shell morphology (see discussion of P. labiosa). It is easy to distinguish P. cimex from P. pediculus if P. cimex has its typical coloration - e.g. reddish ventrum and/ or an almost black appearing dorsum - otherwise it becomes difficult. The shell morphology can be even more similar when P. cimex has an ovate shell outline, but the highest dorsal elevation in the latter is in the posterior third, and the shell is more pyriform. Unfortunately, we could not examine animals of typically coloured shells of P. cimex, but those shell are quite different from P. pediculus, and thereforeit seems justified to separate P. cimex as distinct species.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)


Bahamas: Off Eleuthera; Turtle Rocks, South Bimini Island.
Barbados: no detailed data available. Cuba: Hicacos Island; Varadero Beach. Honduras: Off Roatan Island.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

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