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Epitonium nitidella (Dall, 1889)

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Vědecká synonyma

Depressiscala nitidella W. H. Dall, 1889


Epitonium nitidella

Autor: Weil, Brown & Neville

Epitonium nitidella

Autor: Dall, W.H.

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Depressiscala nitidella: Shell thin, delicate, with nine well rounded and four nuclear whorls, having the most brilliant polish; shell white or more generally liberally blotched with cloudy spots of light brown disposed in an irregularly spiral manner along the whorl. Varices nine, frequently continuous, low, narrow, smooth, white, recurved, the tip appressed at the suture on to the preceding whorl. Base rounded, umbilicate, with no spiral sculpture, cordon, or disk; whorls in contact at the suture, which is deep and distinct; on each whorl, or nearly every one, one of the varices is markedly larger than the others; aperture egg-oval, lip moderately reflected, a little expanded toward the axis anteriorly. Apex acute, whitish, glassy. Lon. 13.5 mm, max. lat. 5.0 mm.
Source: Dall, 1889. Reports on the results of dredgings, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) and in the Caribbean Sea (1879-80), by the U. S. Coast Survey Steamer 'Blake'. (Original description)

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Depressiscala nitidella: This pretty species recalls S. lineolata Kiener, from which, however, it is more than sufficiently separated by the great difference in the number of ribs, the form of the lip, etc. It is remarkable for the brilliant polish of its surface, and is separated from the whole clathrus group by the absence of any basal cordon.


Depressiscala nitidella: Fifteen to thirty miles off the North Carolina coast.

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EN Galli C.: WMSDB - Wolrdwide Mollusc Species Data Base July 10, 2013 [] [jako Depressiscala nitidella Dall, 1889]
Datum citace: 23. listopad 2013

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