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Bolinus brandaris (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Vědecká synonyma

Murex brandaris Linnaeus, 1758 o
Murex brandaris var. aculeata Philippi, 1836
Murex brandaris var. adunca Coen, 1933
Bolinus adunca (Coen, 1933)
Bolinus brandaris var. adunca (Coen, 1933)
Murex brandaris var. bicaudata Coen, 1933
Bolinus bicaudata (Coen, 1933)
Bolinus brandaris var. bicaudata (Coen, 1933)
Murex brandaris var. bifida Coen, 1937
Murex brandariformis Locard, 1886


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The shell is moderately large (maximum length 90 mm) and club-sharked. Its spire is moderarely low, with two nuclear whorls and five shouldered postnuclear whorls. The suture is deeply impressed, and this feature is emphasized by a depressed area on the shoulder immediately abutting the suture. The body whorl is moderately large, as high as broad. The aperture is broadly ovate, with an anal sulcus posteriorly and a strong constriction anteriorly, at the top of the siphonal canal. The outer apertural lip is thickened, with a crenulate leading edge, the crenulations coinciding with short lirae that extend for some distance into the aperture. The columellar lip adheres to the body whorl above, forming a parietal callus that reaches the shoulder; below, the columellar lip is detached from the body whorl and developed into a prominent flaring inductura with a strongly concave inner surface. The siphonal canal is long, tubelike, narrowly open, and slightly recurved; to the side of the canal is a ridge composed of the vestiges of former canals.
The body whorl bears six or seven varices, these proceeding obliquely across the shoulder to coincide with those on the former whorl. Spiral sculpture consists of many fine spiral threads and two or exceptionally three prominent cords. Where these cords cross the varices, short, broad-based, blunt or sharp spines are developed: the uppermost spiral row of spines, at the shoulder, is made up of moderately long, narrowly open spines; a second row, around the middle of the body whorl, is made up of shorter, completely closed spines; a third row of finer, narrowly open spines obliquely encircles the siphonal canal from just below the inductura to a point about one-third of the way down the canal.
Shell color is pale fleshy orange, with three faint brown spiral bands on the body whorl.
Radwin, G.E. & D'Attilio, A., 1976. Murex Shells of the World. An Illustrated Guide to the Muricidae.


Central and western Mediterranean.
Radwin, G.E. & D'Attilio, A., 1976. Murex Shells of the World. An Illustrated Guide to the Muricidae.

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Počet záznamů: 2

poddruh Bolinus brandaris cagliaritanus F. Settepassi, 1977

Bolinus brandaris cagliaritanus - 000000000011000

poddruh Bolinus brandaris longispinus G.S. Coen, 1914

Bolinus brandaris longispinus - 000000000011000

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