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Calliclava vigorata Fallon, 2016

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Calliclava vigorata

Autor: Fallon, P.J.

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Shell small (to 17.8 mm in total length), fusiform, truncated anteriorly; whorls slightly convex, sutures impressed, up to about 10, the last about 58% of total length; sculpture of numerous narrow ribs and intercostal spiral threads; a shallow spiral groove marks the boundary of the sulcus. Aperture narrow. Protoconch of 2 smooth, carinate whorls. Axial sculpture of numerous narrow slightly opisthocline ribs that run from suture-to-suture, and to anterior fasciole on last whorl. Ribs narrower than intercostal space by 2–3 widths, are abruptly lower and recurved in sulcus, number 11–16 on penultimate and 9–14 on last whorl to varix. Ribs made somewhat bead-like on dorsum of last whorl by intersecting threads. Varix low, hump-like, positioned about ⅓-whorl from edge of outer lip. Spiral sculpture of threads, flattened on rib crests, and intervening grooves cutting ribs bead-like on last whorl, especially on dorsum and outer lip, post varix. Threads number approximately 5–8 on the penultimate, up to 22 on the last whorl, approximately 4 at the beginning of the sulcus, and an additional 2–4 cord-like threads on anterior fasciole. Sulcus about ¼-spire whorl height, well demarcated with lower and thickened recurved ribs, coarse growth striae, and devoid of spiral thread except near its beginning. Outer lip slightly flattened, with up to 5 axial folds; spiral thread pattern unchanged from rest of whorl. Edge of lip bends outward at anal sinus; forms a low arc to the end of the anterior canal; a stromboid notch present. Anal sinus a deep U-shaped notch on whorl shoulder; parietal lobe causes the sinus to be angled away from the shell axis, together with the outward bend of the outer lip gives the sinus a spout-like appearance. Inner lip recumbent, wide and heavy, projects anteriorly beyond the end of the fasciole, thinner on parietal wall, formed into a heavy lobe posteriorly. Anterior canal short, distinct, open and curved to the right when viewed ventrally. Canal notched; fasciole not swollen but may be humped from the natural advance of spiral growth by older specimens. Color all-white to white with a broad pink banding, to deeper rose with a pink with lavender aperture.
Fallon, P.J., 2016. Taxonomic review of tropical western Atlantic shallow water Drilliidae.

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Calliclava vigorata has all of the characteristics of Calliclava: numerous ribs that extend from suture-to-suture with a distinctly delineated sulcus, conspicuous spiral threads and grooves across intercostal spaces and a protoconch with both whorls carinate. Variability. The average total length of 20 specimens is 14.22 mm (11.3–17.8 mm), their average W/L ratio 0.398. The specimens from Margarita I. differ in that most have some rose color, and may be vividly colored as shown in Plate 19, Figs. 15–16. As a group, the Margarita I. specimens are smaller (average total length = 13.11 versus 15.57 mm), and slightly stouter: W/L ratio = 0.403 versus 0.393 than the more southern populations when considered separately. No significance can be placed on these differences given the small sample sizes examined. Identification. Calliclava vigorata is similar to C. dautzenbergi (Tippett, 1995) and populations from Margarita I. may be mistaken for Calliclava tobagoensis, new species. From C. dautzenbergi it differs in being smaller (average total length is 14.08 mm versus 27.0 mm) in having a different protoconch (carinate versus smooth), a different shell sculpture (spirals between ribs are distinct versus a cancellate pattern, or ribs cut by distinct spiral grooves), and nearly flat-sided, not turreted whorls. From C. tobagoensis it differs in being larger (average total length of 14.08 mm versus 10.80 mm), in possessing a broader last whorl, and anterior canal that is bent more to the right when viewed ventrally, not a straight as in C. tobagoensis.
Fallon, P.J., 2016. Taxonomic review of tropical western Atlantic shallow water Drilliidae.


Type locality. Snellius O.C.P.S. Sta. F44, off Paramaribo, Suriname, 06°33'36''N, 056°31'36''W, 6 May 1966 in 38 m. Range and habitat. Venezuela (Margarita I.; Coche I.); Suriname (off Paramaribo); Brazil (off Amapá); French Guiana. If the specimen appearing in Massemin et al. (2009) is this species, then its range its range includes Guyana. The populations from off Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil are the deepest-dwelling of the Calliclava—taken in 38–62 m and from off Margarita I. in 6–14 m, which is comparable to the depths at which C. tobagoensis, new species and C. fasciata, new species have been taken.
Fallon, P.J., 2016. Taxonomic review of tropical western Atlantic shallow water Drilliidae.

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