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Philine infundibulum Dall, 1889

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In the multiplicity of species of Philine this one is best described by a comparative diagnosis. The soft parts externally are whitish, and resemble P. quadrate and P. finmarchiea as figured by G. Sars. It is nearest P. quadrata so far as shell characters go, and belongs to the group of species which have the spire entirely immersed and the posterior junction of the outer lip descending upon it in a sort of spiral. The shell is thin, pellucid, and finely closely spirally striate. It differs from that of P. quadrata chiefly by its larger size and the much smaller proportion wrapped in the body whorl. The soft parts, though larger, are remarkably like those of P. quadrata, but in that species the ventricular plates are wanting. In the present species they are present and of large size, the large (right) plate being lozenge-shaped, whitish and slightly concave on the side of insertion, covered with a convex polished nearly smooth brown coating on the interior, which is generally worn away by friction toward the center. The small plates are nearly the shape of half the large one, partly hollow and without granules. They resemble on the whole the plates of P. angulata Jeffreys as figured by Sars, but are larger, longer, and more pointed at the extremities. The adult shell comprises about two whorls, maximum length 12.0 mm., max. breadth 9.0 mm. The large plate measures about 4.0 x 8.0 mm. The axis of the shell is wound in a wide pervious spiral, and the body whorl viewed from below extends about half-way across the base from side to side and two thirds the distance from the apex to the front edge.
Source: Dall, 1889. Reports on the results of dredgings, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) and in the Caribbean Sea (1879-80), by the U. S. Coast Survey Steamer 'Blake'. (Original description)

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This seems to be a rather common species from the frequency with which it was taken. It differs entirely from P. sagra Orbigny, and is wider and squarer than P. candeana Orb., in which moreover the spire is represented as visible for two turns at the apex.


Caribic. Cuba, off Bahia Honda; near St. Kitts, off Guadeloupe, off Dominica, near Barbados.

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EN Galli C.: WMSDB - Wolrdwide Mollusc Species Data Base July 10, 2013 [] [jako Philine infundibulum Dall, 1889]
Datum citace: 23. listopad 2013

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