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Philine amabilis A. E. Verrill, 1880

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Philine amabilis

Autor: Verrill


Animal large, about an inch long, even in alcoholic specimens. In preserved specimens the anterior lobe is large, oblong, truncate behind, obtusely pointed in front, slightly narrowed backward; lateral lobes large; posteriorly the thin membrane covering the shell projects backwards beyond it, and its free edge is divided into several wide, but short, lobes; foot large. Odontophore with a large inner lateral, hook-shaped tooth on each side, having its inner edge very finely serrulate and each of its lateral edges bordered by a sharp ridge; outside of these there is on each side a single, very much smaller, slender, spiuiform, very sharp, slightly bent tooth.
Shell large, but exceedingly thin and delicate, diaphanous, lustrous, and iridescent, with a very wide aperture. The outline is broad-oblong, rounded at both ends; the outer lip, forming the greater part of the shell, is evenly rounded posteriorly, and scarcely projects beyond the level of the spire; in the middle it projects forward in a regular curve, and recedes rapidly in front, where it also becomes slightly broader, and forms a very obtuse, rounded angle ; the anterior end is broadly rounded and very much cut away, so that in an end view, from the front, the whole interior of the spire is visible. The inner lip is thin and sharp-edged, and recedes in a broad curve anteriorly, so that the body of the shell is relatively very small. There is a small, shallow pit in the place of the spire. Sculpture inconspicuous; many lines of growth, and very line, wavy, spiral strife, visible with a lens, cover the whole surface, which has a glistening and opalescent or pearly luster.
Length of the entire animal, 25mm or more; length of shell, 15mm; breadth of shell, 10mm.
Source: Verrill, 1880. Notice of recent additions to the marine invertebrata of the northeastern coast of America. (Original description)

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EN Galli C.: WMSDB - Wolrdwide Mollusc Species Data Base July 10, 2013 [] [jako Philine amabilis Verrill, 1880]
Datum citace: 23. listopad 2013

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