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Pseudalces mirandus Flerov, 1962

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Odkazy a literatura

Croitor, R. 2018. A Description of Two New Species of the Genus Rucervus (Cervidae, Mammalia) from the Early Pleistocene of Southeast Europe, with Comments on Hominin and South Asian Ruminants Dispersals. Quaternary, 1 (2), 17 p.
Flerov, K.K. 1962. Family Cervidae Gray 1821. In Basics of paleontology. Mammals; Orlov, Yu, A., Gromova V. I., Eds.; Nedra: Moscow; Volume 13, pp. 368-378 (in Russian). [jako Pseudalces mirandus]

This is an imperfectly known very large ruminant from southeastern Europe based on very poor cranial material from the mixed Pliocene fauna of Kosiakino Quarry (South Russia, Stavropol). The new genus and the new species were proposed by Flerov (1962) on the basis of the orbitofrontal part of the skull with upper left tooth row P4-M3. Flerov and Shevyreva (1963) suggested the morphological affinity of Pseudalces with Eucladoceros but excluded the possibility of the direct phylogenetic relationship between those two genera. Vislobokova (1986) regards Pseudalces mirandus as a side phylogenetic branch of true elks (Alceini). The similar large ruminant form was described by Vekua (1972) from the late Early Pliocene of Kvabebi (Georgia) as Pseudalces sp. The dental remains from Kosiakino Quarry and Kvabebi belong to a rather large ruminant (the estimated body mass exceeds 400 kg) and show some morphological peculiarities that cast doubts on their belonging to a cervid: the protocone in upper molars has no additional enamel fold as it could be expected in primitive elks, while premolars remain relatively large, distinguishing the specimens under question from Cervinae. The enamel “pockets” from the labial side of the upper molars from Kvabebi remind the morphological condition seen in Giraffa punjabiensis. The systematical position of Pseudalces mirandus from Kosiakino Quarry and Pseudalces sp. from Kvabebi require a revision and possibly those remains actually belong to Giraffidae.

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