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Hyalopecten strigillatus (W.H. Dall, 1886)

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Hyalopecten strigillatus

Autor: Dall, W.H.

Hyalopecten strigillatus

Autor: Raines, B.K. & Poppe, G.T.

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"Shell small, white thin, rounded, with a straight hinge-margin; left valve inflated, the posterior auricle narrow, separated by a deep narrow byssal notch from the rest of the margin; right valve flatter, the posterior auricle well defined, small; both valves similarly sculptured with nearly equidistant thin lamellae, which, when perfect, curve forward and touch the rising curve of the next succeeding lamella; an absolutely perfect specimen would therefore present a series of equal, smooth, concentric waves, falling almost vertically from the anterior hinge margin and curving in a subcircular sweep around to the depression which marks off the posterior auricle in either valve. Practically, however, the fragile lamellae never retain more than traces of their perfect state and present a series of very sharp elevated concentric laminae following the lines of growth and separated by narrow nearly equal intervals, averaging on the whole four or five to the length of a millimeter, radially measured; the umbones are small and prominent, reaching slightly above the cardinal margin; the interior is smooth and polished; there is no radiating sculpture; the ligament is small and subcentral; there are no transverse rugae on the hinge margin, and no internal lirae. Maximum altitude of the shell 9 mm; maximum latitude 8.5 mm; diameter 4.4 mm." (fide Dall, 1889) Size: Normal adult size range is 10 to 15 mm.
Raines, B.K. & Poppe, G.T., 2006. The Family Pectinidae. A Conchological Iconography.

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EN Galli C.: WMSDB - Wolrdwide Mollusc Species Data Base July 10, 2013 [] [jako Hyalopecten strigillatus Dall, 1887]
Datum citace: 22. listopad 2013

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