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Pusula costispunctata (Sowerby, 1870)

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Pusula costispunctata

Autor: Fehse & Grego

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Shell between 9 to 17 mm, lightweight, solid and ovate. Spire covered by callus. Body whorl sub-triangular, inflated and rounded, about 85% of total height, with both terminals slightly produced. Both terminal tips slightly indented. Dorsum profile roundly elevated, completely covered by ribs -about 16 on average - with a long, fairly wide, incised sulcus mid-dorsal!y that bisects the ribs. Dorsal ribs fine, numerous and forming nodules along dorsal sulcus. Ventrum almost flat with slightly recurved terminals and less numerous ribs. Aperture fairly wide over its entire length. Aperture straight in its mid-portion but curved posteriorly. Labrum roundly callused, narrow, slightly curved, keeled towards its inner margin. Outer labral margin roundly callused. Labrum bears on its inner margin on average 15 fine denticles. Siphonal and anal canals follow the shell profile. Columella curved, narrow and tapering steeply inwards. Parietal lip sinuous, keeled at fossular section, crossed by on average 13 ribs. Fossula concave and not clearly delimited from the rest of the columella. Inner fossular edge slightly protruded. Dorsal colour whitish with dorsal ribs brownish spotted and three almost black, irregular patches on both ends of the sulcus and one on the dorsal center. Ventrum uniformly light brown. Columella, fossula, inner labral margin and canals pure white.
The shell outline varies from ovate to slightly circular. Some shells are more callused, and the periphery is edged. The spotted appearance is uniform whereas the dorsal patches varies from light brown to almost black. Some shells have a reddish appearance in general. There is an interesting variety occasionally found. Those specimens possess less numerous, widely spaced dorsal ribs and a wider aperture. L= 10- 16, W = 72-78 % of length, LT = 13-17, CT = 11 - 16, RR = 12 - 16; data based on 26 specimens. Neotype: L = 15.8 mm, W = (ZSM, No. 20100626) 12.3 mm, D = 9.1 mm
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

Možné záměny

Pusula costispunctata differs from its sympatric follow occupants P. pediculus, P. labiosa and Pusula cimex (Owen in G.B. Sowerby II, 1870) most conspicuously by its coloration. The ribs are also less numerous in P. costispunctata (compare the RR data).
The radula of P. costispunctata differs only slightly from that of P. radians. However, the two are not related and are geographically separated. Minor differences are seen in the constriction of the outer edge and margins of the rachidian tooth, in the shape of the lateral teeth and marginal teeth. Similarly the radulac of P. pediculus and P. costispunctata are almost identical and cannot used to distinguish the species. Nevertheless, the conchological differences clearly separate them.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)


Key West, Florida, U.S.A.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

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LET’S TALK SEASHELLS (MARLO KRISBERG). Comparing Pusula pediculus with Pusula costispunctata

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