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Pusula pediculus (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Pusula pediculus

Autor: Fehse & Grego

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Shell rather solid, obovate, inflated, with a deep, straight, longitudinal, dorsal furrow, from which strong, subradial ridges run over the shell and extend into the aperture; these are subnodulous at the dorsal furrow; inner and outer lips thickened somewhat around the base; the space between the ridges above and below is faintly wrinkled and nodulous. Color purplish brown, with a dark spot at each end of the dorsal furrow and another on each side of it at the middle; these spots vary much in shape; the base is smoky tinted.
Length, 15; diameter, 11 mm.
Dall, W.H. & Simpson, C.T., 1901. The Mollusca of Porto Rico.
Shell size between 7 and 25 mm, lightweight, solid and ovate. Spire covered by callus. Body whorl ovate, inflated and rounded, about 85% of total height, with both slightly terminals produced. Both terminal tips slightly indented. Dorsum profile evenly rounded, completely covered by ribs - about 18 on average - with an incised sulcus mid-dorsally that bisects the ribs. Ribs on both sides of the sulcus forming nodules. Ventrum slightly rounded with recurved terminals. Aperture narrow over its entire length widened only barely at the fossular section. Aperture straight but curved posteriorly. Labrum roundly callused, narrow, slightly curved, keeled towards its inner margin. Outer labral margin slightly edged. Labrum bears on its inner margin on average 15 fine denticles. Siphonal and anal canals follow the shell profile. Columella slightly curved, narrow and tapering steeply inwards. Parietal lip straight, not clearly delimited, crossed by on average 14 ribs. Fossula concave and not clearly delimited from the rest of the columella. Inner fossular edge protruded. Dorsum light beige with numerous brownish dots and three dark brown, irregular patches on both ends of the sulcus and one on the dorsal center. Margins brownish with light beige dots, ventrum rosy brown, columella and fossula pure white.
The shell outline varies considerably from almost cylindrical to nearly circular. The shell coloration varies considerably, too. There are shells of almost whitish and nearly blackish appearance. Shells from S Caribbean and Brazil look more brownish. The ventrum is sometimes reddish. The mantle lobes vary from translucent brown, black-brown to almost black. The papillae on the mantle lobes possess an orange core in some specimens. Other specimens have white papillae. L = 7- 16, W = 67-79%oflength,LT = 12 - 18, CT = 12 - 17, RR = 16 - 24; data based on 54 specimens.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)


Throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermudas S to Espirito Santo State, Brazil. Common.
Fehse D & Grego J - 2014 - Revision of the genus Pusula (Mollusca Gastropoda Triviidae)

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LET’S TALK SEASHELLS (MARLO KRISBERG). Comparing Pusula pediculus with Pusula costispunctata

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