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Vokesimurex donmoorei (Bullis, 1964)

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Murex donmoorei Bullis, 1964


Vokesimurex donmoorei

Autor: Radwin & D'Attilio

Vokesimurex donmoorei

Autor: Bayer, F.M.

Vokesimurex donmoorei

Autor: Kaicher

Vokesimurex donmoorei

Autor: Radwin & D'Attilio

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Severní Amerika: Trinidad a Tobago, Jižní Amerika: Francouzská Guyana, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela

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The shell is small (maximum length 40 mm) and club-shaped. The spire is moderately high, consisting of two and one-half horn-colored nu¬clear whorls and five convex postnuclear whorls. The suture is impressed. The body whorl is mod¬erate in size and subhemispherical. The aperture is ovate, with a narrow, shallow, parietally angled anal sulcus, this delimited to the left by a strong, transverse, elongate ridge. The outer apertural lip is weakly erect and strongly denticulate, and bears six strong nodes in the shoulder region, below which it is weakly crenulate. The columellar lip is adherent above and very weakly callused, detached and weakly erect below; the anterior portion of the columella bears four or five weak, oblique, elongate, ridgelike nodes. The siphonal canal is moderately long, narrowly open, and essentially straight.
The body whorl bears three weakly spinose varices, these strongly furrowed on their receding edges. Intervarical axial sculpture consists of three or four nodulose costae, the fourth one, nearest the newest varix, when present, weaker than the others. Spiral sculpture consists of a series of cords of equal strength, some of which become more prominent on the varices and develop short, straight, ventrally closed spines. Three cords on the shoulder are followed by the shoulder-margin cord, this developing a spine at the varix. Below this another group of three cords is followed by a spiniferous one. A third triad of cords is followed by two that form a peculiar bifid spine at the varix. Five cords in the transition zone between the body and canal are followed, at the top of the canal, by two spine-bearing cords, these separated once again by three minor cords. On the body the second of each group of three intercalary cords bears a tiny spinclet arising away from the varical margin and closer to the aperture.
Shell color is light fleshy tan, with three diffuse darker-brown body bands, one at the shoulder margin, one medial, and one basal. The crests of the spiral cords are red-brown. The aperture is white.
Radwin, G.E. & D'Attilio, A., 1976. Murex Shells of the World. An Illustrated Guide to the Muricidae.


Off French Guiana (type locality), and off western Trinidad in 60 m.
Radwin, G.E. & D'Attilio, A., 1976. Murex Shells of the World. An Illustrated Guide to the Muricidae.

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EN Galli C.: WMSDB - Wolrdwide Mollusc Species Data Base July 10, 2013 [] [jako Vokesimurex donmoorei Bullis, 1964]
Datum citace: 22. listopad 2013

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