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Inkinga Kilburn, 1988

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Shell moderately small (10-13 mm), claviform, with high, blunt spire and short, rather broad, shallowly to distinctly notched siphonal canal; base with a moderate to weak fasciole; labrum thin, anal sinus moderately deep, openly U-shaped, situated on shoulder slope, directed slightly adapically, stromboid notch very slight; parietal callus forming a small to moderately large nodule in posterior angle of aperture; subsutural cord feeble or absent, shoulder without a distinct sulcus; sculpture predominantly spiral, at least on later whorls, with pliculate growth-lines, shoulder typically nodular; no prelabral varix; colour pale or drab. Protoconch large, subcylindrical, of about 1,5-2 whorls, smooth, except for growth-lines preceding termination. Operculum and radula unknown.
Inkinga somewhat resembles Paradrillia Makiyama. 1940, but the subsutural cord is not (or barely) developed, the axial ribs are more or less replaced on later whorls by pliculate growth-lines, and the protoconch is large and blunt, without a peripheral keel. It is likely that some of the Australian species previously referred to Paradrillia or Vexitomina will prove to be better located in Inkinga. The type species was previously (Kilburn 1977) referred to Paracuneus Laseron, 1954, on account of the greatly reduced sculpture. However, Paracuneus is evidently closer to Drillia (q.v.) in the Drilliinae, having a large parietal nodule that constricts the anal sinus and a base that is somewhat produced, not abbreviated as in I. platystoma. Whether the second species here referred, cockae Kilburn, 1977, is truly congeneric, may only be known when radulae are available. Etymology: Inkinga = a problem, Zulu, feminine.
Kilburn, R.N., 1988. Turridae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of southern Africa and Mozambique. Part 4. Subfamilies Drillinae, Crassispirinae and Strictispirinae

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druh Inkinga carnosa R.N. Kilburn, 2005
druh Inkinga cockae R.N. Kilburn, 1977

Inkinga cockae

druh Inkinga platystoma E.A. Smith, 1877

Inkinga platystoma

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