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BioLib is handling the personal data responsibly. This page summarizes the personal data we store and how we work with them. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us on e-mail biolib(na) or use Comments function.

Personal data and its usage

First name and surname - this data is required when registering a user in BioLib or when writing comments, adding identifications etc., and are used only for displaying name under data added by you - for example pictures, texts and other records.

E-mail - this is mandatory only for registration and optinal when writing a comment. The user can choose to hide e-mail from his profile at any time, or show it only to other logged-in users or even only to BioLib administrators. E-mail is used to forward messages sent via BioLib (eg photo requests), or to recapitulate changes in user-created records (changes to image determination, new comments on his photos etc.)

The IP address of the computer (the Internet address number, in many cases dynamically assigned) is recorded for uploaded pictures, user login and comments, to check whether someone is abusing a foreign account or use multiple accounts to determine or rate their own images. This data is only accessible to the main BioLib administrator.

No personal data is provided to third parties and is not used for marketing purposes. We ensure that this data is securely stored in the BioLib database.

Access statistics

BioLib uses Google Analytics to track the number of visitors, which only works with data in their aggregate form (different daily or yearly access statistics, browsers, approximate geographic locations, etc.). Collected data are not associated with specific names or emails. These statistics allows us to monitor interest in this encyclopedia, the language and technological demands of users, and so on.


For optimal website function, BioLib works with cookies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer by the browser. BioLib itself stores a cookie in which the configuration identifier is located on the BioLib server. This configuration is used to log in to the user account, display the last visited taxon link, retain the active checklist settings, and so on. Another cookie is used to manage consent with using third party cookies (Google Analytics).

Google Analytics is a tool used for anonymous tracking of users in BioLib (number and type of pages visited, browser and device type etc.). This helps us to better optimize pages and find potentional problems. You can however turn off these cookies on this page

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