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Ondřej Zicha - founder of a project, programing, graphics and design

Jaroslav Hrb - providing of a server and technical background, sponsor of a project

Michal Maňas - adviser, tester (2000-2006)

Jiří Novák - adviser, tester

Special thanks to Jiri Berkovec, Milos Andera, Ladislav Donda, Jan Strafelda, Adam Slavicky and Petr Gürth for valuable ideas and help during BioLib development.

Registered Users (Some of them contributed data to BioLib)

Overview of most active photographers and taxonomists.

We thank to all authors and contributors for their help. We also thank all author of photographs for allowing us to use their photographs on this server.


Copyright © 1999 - 2022 Texts and images are copyrighted to their authors (unless mentioned otherwise). See chapter Authors and contributors.


BioLib is a compilation of subjective opinions of many different users and many different sources, we cannot therefore guarantee accuracy of all provided information on BioLib. We don't accept responsibility for any potential loss or damage in relation to use of, reliance upon or inability to use this website.

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