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Function displays information about author of image determination (identification) and about users who checked the determination of an image. It also shows history of determinations.

Any registered user, ideally an expert on some group, can verify the species determination and add his name to the list of users who checked the image. This allows author of the image, gallery administrators and all other users to see if the determination was verified by someone else than the author of the determination, who might not be an expert. However if his determination is correct, experts can use this function to show that they agree with him.

In future experts will have methods of searching for images they have verified and images that still need their opinion. When verifying the determination, user can specify whether he think the determination is certain, probable or uncertain. Option "certain" is used when the user thinks that there is no way the species can be confused with other species. Option "probable" can be used when the risk of mistaking the species is very low, for example when there are no data about similar looking species from the provided locality, or the other species are very rare and so on. Uncertain determination is used in cases, when there is not possible to confirm nor refute the determination.

In other cases, for example when you think the determination is wrong or improbable, it is possible to use forms Add determination or Add comment to write your opinion. If the determination is bellow species level (subspecies, forms) and you are only sure about the species determination, you can verify the species determination instead of verifying the subspecies rank. In case that the determination is changed after someone verifies it, old verifications are displayed in section Opinions before last determination change.

History of determinations contains an overview of who and when changed the associated taxon, or when the associated taxon changed it's valid name (either by renaming or merging with another taxon). Unfortunately the history is not saved from the beginning of BioLib - when history starts with "Saved" record, it means that the determination might have been changed since the image was uploaded to gallery. History of newly added images start with "Created" operation.

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