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Vera   [27.10.2011 22:09:37] Příspěvek zodpovězen
To: BioLib
From: Vera
Date: 7.09 am 18-10-2012

Hi, I couldn’t find a site to mail you some info, and I don’t have any pictures for you. Also I hate logging in to things which might end up with more spam for me.
That said, I am also a list-maker and for years have been busily accumulating lists of species with the author names so I could find or work out their etymology, learning a lot of Ancient Greek on the way.
A lot of other people have been accumulating their own lists, including several really comprehensive all-life ones, and yours is the best I’ve come across. It’s quite fun to see all the pictures as I work through it.
I have noticed that many of your genera lack the author’s name and have been looking those up. It appears whoever input your information from other lists must have put in the genus without author as it usually appears as a heading in a list of species, and only occasionally getting the genus with author.
From the Wiki–H)#Abiskoa list you have obtained all the species, but only one in 20 of the genera has their author included. This is an enormous list, but it will be much easier for you to fix them, hopefully before I get much further along.
Also Wiki has more Abelia species than you, and there’s a great but confusing list of Dolichopodidae at most of which you don’t have listed.
Hope this info gets through to somebody who can put it to use. If you send me an email address to use for this kind of stuff, I can send you more as I come across it. Keep up the good work,


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