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Ondřej Zicha   [14.01.2017 11:59:30]

More images on species pages

By default, only nine images were displayed on species pages, regardless of their content. We have improved species pages by sorting images by tags and displaying extra three images for each selected type of photo, such as juvenile animal, egg, larval stages, nest, skull, fruit or bark. Check this new function on pages such as Western European Hedgehog, Old World Swallowtail or Scots Pine.
Ondřej Zicha   [20.12.2008 21:06:45]
We redesigned the main page of BioLib. You'll find there an image of the day box and random tips on how to use BioLib more effectively, links to some important functions and - like before - brief statistics, news and history of changes.

We believe that the new main page is a change for the better and we can finally get rid of the two years old "news" haunting the previous version of main page.
Ondřej Zicha   [20.12.2008 21:05:27]
We've changed many things in last months. Functions for importing taxonomic citations, lots of changes in functions for adding taxa, scientific, vernacular names and images. Users can help us confirm the identifications of images in gallery and even unregistered users can propose determination changes.

Lot of time was spent working on a tool that will allow users to translate user interface of BioLib into other languages. While the tool is nearly finished, we're looking for people who will help us to test it and to translate some of the texts.

Users will be able to add new language definitions or even propose changes for existing texts, since we're quite sure that our English version is far from perfect. If you're interested to help, you can contact the main administrator.
Ondřej Zicha   [07.09.2006 23:20:40]
There were many changes in BioLib functions over last few months and we also further expanded taxonomic system, which now contains over 250 000 taxa of which 180 000 are species.

Gallery is expanding as well, number of images will soon exceed 20 000.

In the Czech republic popularity of BioLib still grows. Apart from being encyclopedia of life, BioLib also helps with such tasks as mapping of Czech species of mammals in cooperation with Department of Zoology, National Museum, Prague and mapping of amphibians and reptiles of Czech Republic in cooperation with Czech Herpetologic Society. Data obtained from these mappings will be used in future publications of atlases of distribution of these groups in Czech Republic.

Ondřej Zicha   [22.03.2006 15:06:33]
There were some minor changes in BioLib design, which now should be more transparent, links to taxon profiles, glossary and help are underlined with different colors and pages are optimized for printing.

We've expanded taxonomic system of many groups, with help of other users there are now next to many new species also new scientific synonymes, links and of course lots of new beautiful images.

Ondřej Zicha   [04.12.2005 19:47:28]
There's now new function called "Author gallery" which allows to browse user's images in same directories as they're in gallery.

Thus you can visit photogallery of Josef Dvorak, who contributed great number of photographs of Czech butterflies - both males and females and taken from both sides.

Another author who greately contributed to BioLib gallery is Vladimr Motycka. Among his photographs you can find lots of unique images taken from ZOOs all over the world.

Thanks to Miroslav Junek and Stanislav Jirasek there's now large number of mushroom photographs.

There are of course lots of other authors contributing to BioLib, we have to mention Stanislav Krejcik with his excellent photographs of beetles and moths, Ivan Miksik with beautiful images of various birds but also other animals from all over the world and Lukas Konecny with unique photographs of amhibians, crustaceans and other water animals living in Czech Republic.

We dramatically sped up function Vernacular names dictionary. There's now also function for archiving and playing sounds of animals and many significant changes were made in whole system, especially glossary (which is however still more Czech language oriented). And of course many new changes that I forgot to mention.
Ondřej Zicha   [30.09.2005 10:27:37]
With the import of 11.000 genera of plants of all world and adding a system of central european Diptera (though not completed yet) number of taxa in database is now over 125.000

More than two thousand of new images in our gallery. We thank to all our contributors.

Apart from that there are lots of various design changes, forms made more comprehensible, some functions are faster, lots of other minor changes and bug fixes.
Ondřej Zicha   [05.08.2005 11:25:07]
BioLib is expanding its volume, it now contains nearly 100000 taxa and 5500 images.

Many thanks to all contributors who try to keep our database up to date and who add lots of beautiful images to our gallery.
Ondřej Zicha   [28.05.2005 18:11:36]
More and more people from all over the world are visiting BioLib server recently, however english version of this site still needs lot of work - some features are not translated, some lack help. We'll try to fix this as soon as possible. If there's anything unclear feel free to email us.

Creating english version of News and Guestbook are just first steps.
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