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Rigel Jensen   [11.02.2019 10:17:55]
I have good pictures of Thismia lanternata and Thismia hawkesii if you want them for the website.
Sandra Blazkova   [06.01.2019 09:01:03] Příspěvek zodpovězen
Dobry den,dnes me asi kousla doma,kolem 8 vecer, zaprednice. Jsem z Noveho Jicina,muzu poslat i foto. Brni mi ruka jako pri popalenine koprivou,ale neustava to.
Tom   [20.11.2017 10:53:03]
Dobrý den, hey,

dokážete prosím určit tuto rostlinu? (Tu v popředí, dominantní).

Anybody able to identify this plant please (the dominant one on the picture)?


Lenka   [07.07.2017 19:08:18]
Dobrý den,
potřebuji prosím radu, jak léčit "poštípání" klošem jelením. Není to poprvé co na mě v lese parazitoval a výsledek jsou mokvavé, svědivé boláky, které jsou rezistentní na běžné masti i dezinfekce. Hojení až tři měsíce a zůstavají mi jizvy. Vyzkoušela jsem už kde co, ale nic nepomáhá. Pokud máte někdo zkušenost, jak léčit, budu Vám velice vděčná za radu.
Děkuji a přeji pěkný den.
Lenka Cenková
Jewell Lane Wells   [11.05.2016 07:11:24]
Thank you for this platform, and allowing me to present a very important question....Are the physicians that take directives from the CDC in the United States trying to to fool themselves or the general public when they tell people "there is no chance that you can contract parasites from freshwater lakes in this country. Our sanitation is too good to allow this to happen "? I have a minor education in microbiology and after my doctors had no clue as to the basis of my disease process, I started my own intense research. I stare into a microscope from 2-3 hours a day. I am convinced... and so is my P.A., that I have chronic parasites. We have both seen both physical signs and symptoms and microscopic evidence, but my specialist in infectious disease would not even give me a physical examination. He decided I had Delusional Parasite Syndrome and told me to seek psychiatric help. At the time my abdomen was covered with lesions in a tripod layout that were later diagnosed as "Ringworm" by exam done by an elderly liver specialist. ARE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE BURYING THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND.. so to speak? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
Mats Persson   [09.08.2015 09:17:25]
Hi,My name is Mats Persson and Iam from Sweden.I want to by beetles or larvaes from Spices like mecynorrhina and bigger size so if here on this forum maby there is sombody that have beetles or larvaes for sale and can ship to Sweden please let me know by email,Thanks.

Regards Mats from sweden
HERMAN Jacques   [09.08.2014 20:09:15] Příspěvek zodpovězen
Dear colleague,

I would highly appreciate to receive the authorization for reproducing some of your photographs in my following NON-COMMERCIAL publication:
Géominpal Belgica. Part 5.4 (Algae, Plantae and Fungi).

In the sifting residues of one Belgian Middle Oligocene level, a silicified piece of wood with galleries of one xylophagous Insecta was discovered.

Therefore I need some comparison photographs I saw on your site.

I am a retired geologist-paleontologist of the Belgian Geological Survey, seventh Department of the Royal Institute for Natural Sciences of Belgium and also the Editor of an official non-commercial electronic Scientific Series:

Géominpal Belgica or Découvertes Géologiques, minéralogiques et paléontologiques réalisées en Belgique, devoted to the publication of the discoveries I realised with my field friends between 1969 and 2010.

To know something about the personality of a 65-year-old man,
the simplest way is to consult
his freely accessible Official Website:
After reading the Aim of my Website, you’ll surely have understood
my permanent co-operative intentions, and my multi-disciplinary interests.

I always mention the names of the people who helped me in my publications.

Hoping to receive a prompt answer,
Dr. Jacques Herman.
gary fonger   [16.03.2014 23:19:36]
walleye fishing andvideos of wolves hunting
Pavel Šmejkal   [08.03.2014 12:33:06]
Gary Fonger [ 19.01.2014 23:26:06 ]: In B-movies, I suppose..
Gary Fonger   [19.01.2014 23:26:06]
anyone know where sasquatches live
gary fonger   [21.12.2013 23:01:26]
wildlife expert requires binoculars to continue wildlife studies. Maintenance enforcement has all of my money.
gary fonger   [21.12.2013 22:57:09]
Ondřej Zicha   [16.10.2013 18:53:17]
Once upon a time there was a Wolf. It was a sea Wolf. He had a seal-hunting ship called Ghost. In the end of the story he goes blind and awaits his death, to the beautiful music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, famous Hollywood composer born in Czech Republic. End of story, roll credits.

There, two questions with one reply.
Gary Fonger   [16.10.2013 02:35:17]
tell me wolf stories
fangfengkai   [12.10.2013 17:34:22]
I want to know something about marine species ,looking forward to your reply.
MAuriico   [16.04.2013 18:34:44]

can someone help with taxonomic keys for Cacopsylla citrisuga

Ondřej Zicha   [05.02.2013 22:54:27]
Bo Thoor [ 05.02.2013 01:12:28 ]: Hi, tried to identify some of the photos, but I'm no expert on Cape Verde fauna, so the determinations are very rough. Hope this helps.
Bo Thoor   [05.02.2013 01:12:28]
Hi there.
Just coming home from a trip to Boavista Cape Verde.
Got some photo of insects that i cant reconise.

Can someone take a look of it?

/Bo Thoor
Bennie   [16.10.2012 22:49:04]
Dear BioLib,

In regard to the following posting: Bennie [ 2010-08-13 06:23:04 ]:

I would like to thank artist Stanton F. Fink,

[also known as: Apokryltaros (],

for clearing up the "Remoras" issue by pointing out that:

'The page "Remora" talks about the family as a whole, while the page "Remora (genus)" refers to the specific genus.'

Thank you, Mr. Fink.


manue ruedi   [19.09.2012 15:56:20] Připomínka byla vyřešena
Dear Sirs,
The name for the new family of bats is spelled Cistugidae, not Cistugonidae.
The definition of this family name is clearly presented in our original paper (see below), and there is no reason to alter it, unless one is ready to add mess in the (already) complicated classification of bats.
Thank you to reverse this family name to its original spelling.
Manuel Ruedi

Etymology.—Cistugidae is derived from the genus Cistugo, and the family ending -idae (Article 29, International Code of Zoological Nomenclature—International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature 1999). The etymology of the genus Cistugo was not detailed by Thomas (1912).

LACK, J. B., ROEHRS, Z. P., STANLEY, C. E., RUEDI, M. & VAN DEN BUSSCHE, R. A. 2010. Molecular phylogenetics of Myotis indicate familial-level divergence for the genus Cistugo (Chiroptera). Journal of Mammalogy 91: 976-992.
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