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butterflies and moths
Lepidoptera Linnaeus, 1758

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects

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suborder Zeugloptera Chapman, 1917

superfamily Micropterigoidea Herrich-Schäffer, 1855

family Micropterigidae Herrich-Schäffer, 1855

suborder Aglossata Dumbleton, 1952

superfamily Agathiphagoidea Kristensen, 1967

family Agathiphagidae Kristensen, 1967

suborder Heterobathmiina Kristensen & Nielsen, 1979

superfamily Heterobathmioidea Kristensen & Nielsen, 1979

family Heterobathmiidae Kristensen & Nielsen, 1979

suborder Glossata Fabricius, 1775

infraorder Dacnonypha Hinton, 1946

superfamily Eriocranioidea Bourgogne, 1949

family Eriocraniidae

infraorder Acanthoctesia Minet, 2002

superfamily Acanthopteroctetoidea Davis, 1978

family Acanthopteroctetidae Davis, 1978

infraorder Lophocoronina Common, 1990

superfamily Lophocoronoidea

family Lophocoronidae Common, 1990

infraorder Neopseustina

superfamily Neopseustoidea

family Neopseustidae

infraorder Exoporia I.F.B. Common, 1975

superfamily Hepialoidea

family Hepialidae

family Anomosetidae

family Neotheoridae

family Palaeosetidae

superfamily Mnesarchaeoidea

infraorder Heteroneura Tillyard, 1918

falanga Nepticulina Meyrick, 1928

superfamily Nepticuloidea

family Nepticulidae

family Opostegidae

falanga Incurvariina Börner, 1939

superfamily Adeloidea Bruand, 1850

family Adelidae Bruand, 1850

family Cecidosidae Bréthes, 1916

family Heliozelidae Heinemann & Wocke, 1876

family Incurvariidae Spuler, 1898

family Prodoxidae Riley, 1881

superfamily Andesianoidea Davis & Gentili, 2003

family Andesianidae Davis & Gentili, 2003

falanga Etimonotrysia Minet, 1984

superfamily Palaephatoidea

family Palaephatidae

superfamily Tischerioidea

family Tischeriidae

falanga Ditrysia Börner, 1925

superfamily Tineoidea

family Tineidae - wool moths

family Eriocottidae Spuler, 1898

family Psychidae Boisduval, 1829 - bagworm moths

family Lypusidae

family Acrolophidae Busck, 1912

family Arrhenophanidae Walsingham, 1913

superfamily Gracillarioidea

family Douglasiidae

family Gracillariidae - leaf blotch miner moth

superfamily Yponomeutoidea

family Yponomeutidae

family Ypsolophidae

family Plutellidae

family Acrolepiidae

family Heliodinidae

family Bedelliidae

family Lyonetiidae

superfamily Gelechioidea

family Ethmiidae

family Elachistidae Bruand, 1851

family Scythrididae

family Agonoxenidae

family Oecophoridae Bruand, 1851 - concealer moths

family Coleophoridae - case-bearers

family Cosmopterigidae - cosmopterigid moths

family Chimabachidae

family Gelechiidae

family Deoclonidae

family Momphidae

family Blastobasidae

family Autostichidae Le Marchand, 1947

family Amphisbatidae

family Hypertrophidae Fletcher, 1929

family Metachandidae Meyrick, 1911

superfamily Cossoidea

family Cossidae

family Dudgeoneidae

superfamily Sesioidea

Records 1 to 100 of 186  
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