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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Actinopterygii - ray-finned fishes

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order Perciformes - perch-likes

suborder Acanthuroidei

family Acanthuridae - surgeonfishes and unicornfishes

family Ephippidae - spadefishes, batfishes and scats

family Luvaridae - luvars

family Scatophagidae - scats

family Siganidae - rabbitfishes

family Zanclidae - moorish idols

suborder Anabantoidei

family Anabantidae - climbing gouramies

family Helostomatidae - kissing gouramies

family Osphronemidae - gouramies and allies

suborder Blennioidei

family Blenniidae - blennies

family Chaenopsidae - pikeblennies

family Clinidae - clinids and klipfishes

family Dactyloscopidae - sand stargazers

family Labrisomidae - labrisomids

family Tripterygiidae - threefin blennies

suborder Callionymoidei

family Callionymidae - dragonets

family Draconettidae - draconettids

suborder Caproidei

family Caproidae Bonaparte, 1835 - boarfishes

suborder Channoidei

family Channidae - snakeheads

suborder Elassomatoidei

family Elassomatidae - pygmy sunfishes

suborder Gobioidei

family Gobiidae - gobies

family Eleotridae - sleepers

family Kraemeriidae - sand darts

family Microdesmidae - dartfishes

family Odontobutidae

family Rhyacichthyidae - loach gobies

family Xenisthmidae

suborder Icosteoidei

family Icosteidae - ragfishes

suborder Kurtoidei

family Kurtidae - nurseryfishes

suborder Labroidei

family Cichlidae - cichlids

family Embiotocidae - surfperches

family Labridae Cuvier, 1816 - wrasses

family Odacidae

family Pomacentridae - damselfishes and anemonefishes

family Scaridae - parrotfishes

suborder Mugiloidei

family Mugilidae - mullets

suborder Notothenioidei

family Bathydraconidae - Antarctic dragonfishes

family Bovichthyidae - bovichtids

family Channichthyidae - crocodile icefishes

family Eleginopsidae T. N. Gill, 1893

family Harpagiferidae - plunderfishes

family Nototheniidae - notothens

suborder Percoidei

superfamily Cepoloidea

family Cepolidae - bandfishes

superfamily Cirrhitoidea

family Cheilodactylidae - fingerfins or morwongs

family Chironemidae - kelpfishes

family Cirrhitidae - hawkfishes

family Latridae - trumpeters

superfamily Percoidea

family Acropomatidae - lanternbellies

family Ambassidae

family Apogonidae - cardinalfishes

family Arripidae - Australian salmons

family Badidae

family Banjosidae

family Bathyclupeidae - bathyclupeids

family Bramidae - pomfrets

family Caesionidae - Fusiliers

family Callanthiidae

family Carangidae - jacks, amberjacks, pompanos

family Caristiidae - veilfins or manefishes

family Centrarchidae - sunfishes and freshwater basses

family Centrogenyidae Fowler, 1907

family Centropomidae

family Chaetodontidae - butterflyfishes

family Coryphaenidae - dolphins or dolphinfishes

family Datnioididae

family Dichistiidae - galjoens

family Dinolestidae

family Dinopercidae - cave basses

family Drepaneidae

family Echeneidae - remoras and sharksuckers

family Emmelichthyidae - rovers

family Enoplosidae - oldwives

family Epigonidae

family Gerreidae - mojarras

family Grammatidae - basslets

family Haemulidae - grunts

Records 1 to 100 of 186  
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