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Gastropoda Cuvier, 1795

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species Turridrupa pertinax Hedley, 1922

Turridrupa pertinax

species Pseudodaphnella crypta A.E.Fedosov & N.Puillandre, 2012

Pseudodaphnella crypta

species Anacithara modica Smith,1882

Anacithara modica

species Otitoma kwandangensis Schepman, 1913
species Otitoma oneili Barnard, 1958
species Mitra oliverai Poppe, 2008

Mitra oliverai

species Eucithara debilis W. H. Pease, 1868

Eucithara debilis

species Daphnella janae Stahlschmidt, Poppe & Chino, 2014

Daphnella janae

species Aclyvolva lamyi Schilder, 1932

Aclyvolva lamyi

species Citharomangelia richardi Crosse, 1869

Citharomangelia richardi

species Daphnella areolata P.Stahlschmidt,G.T.Poppe & M.Chino, 2014

Daphnella areolata

species Buccinaria urania (E. A. Smith, 1906)
species Buccinaria pygmaea Bouchet & Sysoev, 1997
species Buccinaria pendula Bouchet & Sysoev, 1997
species Buccinaria nodosa Morassi & Bonfitto, 2010
species Buccinaria martini (Koperberg, 1931)
species Buccinaria loochooensis MacNeil, 1961
species Buccinaria abbreviata (Schepman, 1913)
species Propebela svetlanae Bogdanov, 1989
species Propebela subvitrea (Verrill, 1884)
species Propebela subturgida (Verrill, 1884)
species Propebela subtrophonoidea (Okutani, 1964)
species Propebela spitzbergensis (Friele, 1886)
species Propebela smithi Bartsch, 1944
species Propebela siogamaensis (Nomura & Zinbo, 1940)
species Propebela scalaroides (Sars G. O., 1878)
species Propebela rugulata (Reeve, 1846)
species Propebela rufa (Montagu, 1803)
species Propebela rathbuni (Verrill, 1882)
species Propebela rassina (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela profundicola Bartsch, 1944
species Propebela profunda Castellanos & Landoni, 1993
species Propebela pribilova (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela popovia (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela pitysa (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela nobilis (Møller, 1842)
species Propebela nivea Okutani, 1968
species Propebela monterealis (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela mitrata (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela miona (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela marinae Bogdanov, 1989
species Propebela margaritae (Bogdanov, 1985)
species Propebela lateplicata (Strebel, 1905)
species Propebela kyurokusimana (Nomura & Hatai, 1940)
species Propebela goryachevi Bogdanov, 1989
species Propebela golikovi (Bogdanov, 1985)
species Propebela fidicula (Gould, 1849)
species Propebela exquisita Bartsch, 1941
species Propebela eurybia (Bartsch, 1941)
species Propebela diomedea Bartsch, 1944
species Propebela concinnula (A. E. Verrill, 1882)
species Propebela cassis Bogdanov, 1989
species Propebela cancellata (Mighels & Adams, 1842)
species Propebela assimilis (Sars G. O., 1878)
species Propebela areta (Bartsch, 1941)
species Propebela arctica (Adams, 1855)
species Propebela angulosa (Sars G. O., 1878)
species Propebela alitakensis (Dall, 1919)
species Propebela alaskensis (Dall, 1871)
species Propebela turricula (Montagu, 1803)
species Propebela scalaris (Møller, 1842)
species Propebela harpularia (Couthouy, 1838)
species Propebela exarata (Møller, 1842)
species Propebela bergensis (Friele, 1886)
species Pleurotomella bathybia Strebel, 1908
species Lorabela pelseneri (Strebel, 1908)
species Lorabela davisi (Hedley, 1916)
species Curtitoma piltuniensis (Bogdanov, 1985)
species Curtitoma novajasemljensis (Leche, 1878)
species Curtitoma niigataensis Bogdanov & Ito, 1992
species Curtitoma neymanae Bogdanov, 1989
species Curtitoma lawrenciana (Dall, 1919)
species Curtitoma incisula (Verrill, 1882)
species Curtitoma hinae (Okutani, 1968)
species Curtitoma hebes (Verrill, 1880)
species Curtitoma fiora (Dall, 1919)
species Curtitoma exquisita (Yokoyama, 1926)
species Curtitoma delicata (Okutani, 1964)
species Curtitoma decussata (Couthouy, 1839)
species Curtitoma contraria Bonfitto & Morassi, 2012
species Curtitoma conoidea (Sars G. O., 1878)
species Curtitoma becklemishevi Bogdanov, 1989
species Curtitoma bartschi (Bogdanov, 1985)
species Curtitoma violacea (Mighels & C.B Adams, 1842)
species Curtitoma trevelliana (Turton, 1834)
species Curtitoma ovalis (Friele, 1877)
species Belalora thielei Powell, 1951
species Belalora cunninghami (E. A. Smith, 1881)
species Engina ignicula Fraussen, 2004
species Engina mirabilis Fraussen & Stahlschmidt, 2015
species Paraclathurella contracta Reeve, 1843

Paraclathurella contracta

species Eucithara hirasei H. A. Pilsbry, 1904

Eucithara hirasei

species Mitra boucheti Cernohorsky, 1988

Mitra boucheti

species Alaerato palawanica (Fehse, 2011)
species Alaerato mactanica (T. Cossignani & V. Cossignani, 1997)
species Alaerato angistoma (Sowerby II, 1832)
species Alaerato amamioshima Cate, 1977
species Alaerato gallinacea (Hinds, 1844)

Alaerato gallinacea

species Thala gorii G. Rosenberg & R. Salisbury, 2003

Thala gorii

species Gemmula bisaya Olivera, 2004

Gemmula bisaya

species Ryssota zeus Jonas, 1842

Ryssota zeus

species Schistoloma macgregori P. Bartsch, 1909

Schistoloma macgregori

species Chicoreus ritae Houart, 2013

Chicoreus ritae

species Emarginula dilatatum A. Adams, 1851
species Emarginula dictya J.H. McLean, 1970
species Emarginula cuvieri (Audouin, J.-V., 1826)
species Emarginula cucullata C.B. Adams, 1851
species Emarginula crassicostata Sowerby, 1863
species Emarginula costulata G. P. Deshayes, 1863
species Emarginula concinna A. Adams, 1852
species Emarginula compta T. Habe, 1953
species Emarginula compressa Cantraine, 1835
species Emarginula choristes W. H. Dall, 1925
species Emarginula bonfittoi Smriglio & Mariottini, 2001
species Emarginula amyda Shikama, 1962
species Emarginula agulhasensis J. Thiele
species Emarginula adamsiana Sowerby, 1863
species Tugalina radiata T. Habe, 1953
species Tugali suteri (K.H.J. Thiele, 1916)
species Tugali carinata (C.B. Adams, 1852)
species Tugali elegans J.E. Gray, 1843
species Tugali stewartiana A. W. B. Powell, 1939
species Tugali scutellaris A. Adams, 1852
species Tugali oblonga W. H. Pease, 1861
species Tugali colvillensis Finlay, 1927
species Tugali barnardi J. R. Tomlin
species Zeidora nesta (H.A. Pilsbry, 1890)
species Zeidora pussa L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2014
species Zeidora neritica J. Espinosa, J.A. Ortea & R. Fernández-Garcés, 2005
species Zeidora milerae J. Espinosa, J.A. Ortea & R. Fernández-Garcés, 2005
species Zeidora reticulata A. Adams, 1860
species Zeidora maoria A. W. B. Powell, 1937
species Zeidora flabellum W. H. Dall, 1896
species Zeidora galapagensis F. S. Mclean, 1970
species Zeidora crepidula L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2014
species Zeidora calceolina A. Adams, 1860
species Zeidora bigelowi Farfante, 1947
species Zeidora bahamondei Rehder, 1980
species Zeidora antarctica C. Aldea, D.G. Zelaya & J.S. Troncoso, 2011
species Manganesepta hessleri J.H. McLean & D.L. Geiger, 1998
species Manganesepta atiaia L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2014
species Lucapinella versluysi P. Dautzenberg, 1900
species Lucapinella peruviana W.K. Weyrauch, 1970
species Lucapinella limatula (L.A. Reeve, 1850)
species Lucapinella gigas G.W. Nowell-Usticke, 1969
species Lucapinella delicata G.W. Nowell-Usticke, 1969
species Lucapinella crenifera (G.B. I Sowerby, 1835)
species Lucapinella milleri S. S. Berry, 1959
species Lucapinella eleanorae F. S. Mclean, 1967
species Lucapinella callomarginata W. H. Dall, 1871
species Lucapinella aequalis Sowerby, 1835
species Hemimarginula biangulata (G. B. Sowerby III, 1901)

Hemimarginula biangulata

species Emarginella fujitai (T. Habe, 1951)
species Emarginella sakuraii T. Habe, 1963
species Emarginella planulata A. Adams, 1852
species Emarginella okinawaensis T. Habe, 1953
species Emarginella incisura A. Adams, 1852
species Emarginella imella W. H. Dall, 1926
species Emarginella eximia A. Adams, 1852
species Cornisepta soyoae (T. Habe, 1951)
species Cornisepta rostrata (G. Seguenza, 1863)
species Cornisepta pacifica (E. Cowan, 1969)
species Cornisepta onychoides (D.G. Herbert & R.N. Kilburn, 1986)
species Cornisepta monsfuji M. Chino, 2009
species Cornisepta guzmani J.F. Araya & D.L. Geiger, 2013
species Cornisepta fumarium (C. Hedley, 1911)
species Cornisepta festiva (M.A. Crozier, 1966)
species Cornisepta microphyma (P. Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1896)
species Cornisepta crossei (P. Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1896)
species Cornisepta verenae J.H. McLean & D.L. Geiger, 1998
species Cornisepta levinae J.H. McLean & D.L. Geiger, 1998
species Cornisepta uirapa L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2014
species Cornisepta arrepiata L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2014
species Cornisepta aninga L.R.L. Simone & C.M. Cunha, 2014
species Cornisepta acuminata (R.B. Watson, 1883)
species Altrix trifolium (W.H. Dall, 1881)
species Clathrosepta undulata (T.A. Okutani, 1964)
species Clathrosepta depressa J.H. McLean & D.L. Geiger, 1998
species Clathrosepta becki J.H. McLean & D.L. Geiger, 1998
species Clathrosepta agulhasae (A.H. Clarke, 1961)
species Yayoiacmea oyamai (Habe, 1955)
species Radiacmea intermedia (Suter, 1907)
species Radiacmea inconspicua (Gray, 1843)
species Atalacmea multilinea Powell, 1934
species Atalacmea fragilis (G. B. Sowerby I, 1823)
species Atalacmea elata Marwick, 1928
species Sagamilepeta sagamiensis T. Kuroda & T. Habe, 1971
species Maoricrater explorata (Dell, 1953)
species Serradonta vestimentifericola Okutani, Tsuchida & Fujikura, 1992
species Serradonta kimberleyae Saether, Little, B. A. Marshall & K. C. Campbell, 2012
species Serradonta kanesunosensis Sasaki, Okutani & Fujikura, 2003
species Cubaedomus brevis (Orbigny, 1832)
species Scalptia nassa Gmelin, 1791

Scalptia nassa

species Murex philippinensis M. Parth, 1994

Murex philippinensis

species Semiricinula turbinoides (Blainville, 1832)
species Semiricinula tissoti (Petit de la Saussaye, 1852)
species Semiricinula squamosa (Pease, 1868)
species Semiricinula squamigera (Deshayes, 1832)
species Semiricinula nodosa (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1841)
species Semiricinula muricoides (Blainville, 1832)
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