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Russell's Viper
Daboia russelii (Shaw & Nodder, 1797)

 Scientific names
Daboia russelii (Shaw & Nodder, 1797)
- valid name [1]
Coluber russelii Shaw & Nodder, 1797
Vipera russelii (Shaw & Nodder, 1797)
Daboia russellii (Shaw & Nodder, 1797) (misspelling) m
Vipera russellii (Shaw & Nodder, 1797) (misspelling) m
CZ Czech
zmije řetízková
zmije Russellova
EN English
Russell's Viper
PL Polish
żmija łańcuszkowa

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[1] EN Reptile Database - Search [genus=Daboia&species=russelii]

Reptile Database - Search [] [as Daboia russelii (SHAW & NODDER, 1797)]
Data retrieved on: 20 December 2013

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m misspelling