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Gastropoda Cuvier, 1795

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  superclassis Cyrtosoma

Other names

= slugs
= snails


Functions restricted to taxon Gastropoda

Important groups

Fissurellidae - Keyhole Limpets, Buccinidae - Whelks, Muricidae - Muricids, Marginellidae - Margin Shells, Cypraeidae - Cowries, Pulmonata - pulmonates

Recently completed profiles

Acteocina inculta A. A. Gould & P. P. Carpenter, 1857
Acteocina smirna W. H. Dall, 1919
Acteocina oldroydi W. H. Dall, 1925
Acteocina eximia W. Baird, 1863
Acteocina culcitella (Gould, 1853)
Microglyphis estuarinus W. H. Dall, 1908
Microglyphis breviculus W. H. Dall, 1902
Rictaxis painei W. H. Dall, 1903
Desmopterus pacificus Essenberg, 1919

Subordinated taxa

Number of records: 26

superorder Heterobranchia J. E. Gray, 1840
order Patellogastropoda Lindberg, 1986 - Limpets
order Vetigastropoda Salvini-Plawen, 1980
order Cocculiniformia Haszprunar, 1987
order Caenogastropoda Cox, 1960

Gastropoda incertae sedis

superfamily Euomphaloidea
superfamily Loxonematoidea Koken, 1889
superfamily Macluritoidea
superfamily Ophiletoidea
superfamily Straparollinoidea
superfamily Trochonematoidea
family Holopeidae Wenz, 1938
family Pseudophoridae Miller, 1889

Links and literature

CZ Pfleger V. (1999): České názvy živočichů III. Měkkýši (Mollusca), Národní muzeum, (zoologické odd.), Praha, 108 pp. [as Gastropoda]
Data retrieved on: 11 November 2013

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