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Animalia Linnaeus, 1758

system Opisthokonta

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= multicellural animals

Temporal range:Ediacaran - recent


Functions restricted to taxon Animalia

Important groups

Porifera - sponges, Cnidaria - anemones, corals and jellyfish, Platyhelminthes - flatworms, Nematoda - nematodes, Annelida - annelids, Arthropoda - arthropods, Mollusca - mollusks, Echinodermata - echinoderms, Chordata - chordates
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Recently completed profiles

Aeneator attenuatus A. W. B. Powell, 1927
Ennucula linki W. H. Dall, 1916
Ennucula cardara W.H. Dall, 1916
Acila castrensis R. B. Hinds, 1843
Acila H. & A. Adams, 1858
Nucula exigua G.B. I Sowerby, 1833 - Iridescent nutclam
Nucula carlottensis W. H. Dall, 1897 - Charlotte nutclam
Nucula profundorum E. A. Smith, 1885 - Golden nutclam
Nucula Lamarck, 1799
Nuculidae Gray, 1824

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Subordinated taxa

Number of records: 10

subregnum Parazoa
subregnum Agnotozoa
subregnum Eumetazoa Butschli, 1910
class Chitinozoa Eisenack, 1931

Animalia incertae sedis

class Palaeoscolecida Conway Morris & Robinson, 1986
class Tentaculita Bouček, 1964
family Dendrogrammatidae Just, Kristensen & Olesen, 2014
genus Gluteus Davis & Semken, 1975

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de Jong, Y.S.D.M. (ed.): Fauna Europaea []
Vyšší hierarchický systém zvířat
"Taxonomic Hierarchy version [3.6]", retrieved: [June, 21, 2004]
[Data retrieved on: 21 August 2004]

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