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bark beetles
Scolytinae Latreille, 1804

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - Insects »  order Coleoptera - beetles

Scientific synonyms

incl. Hylesininae, Ipinae


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Subordinated taxa

Number of records: 30

tribus Amphiscolytini Mandelshtam & Beaver, 2003
tribus Bothrosternini Blandford, 1896
tribus Cactopinini Chamberlin, 1939
tribus Carphodicticini Wood, 1971
tribus Coptonotini Chapuis, 1869
tribus Corthylini LeConte, 1876
tribus Cryphalini Lindemann, 1877
tribus Crypturgini LeConte, 1876
tribus Cylindrobrotini Kirejtshuk, Azar, Beaver, Mandelshtam & Nel, 2009
tribus Diamerini Hagedorn, 1909
tribus Dryocoetini Lindemann, 1877
tribus Hexacolini Eichhoff, 1878
tribus Hylastini LeConte, 1876
tribus Hylesinini Erichson, 1836 - crenulate bark beetles
tribus Hylurgini Gistel, 1848
tribus Hyorrhynchini Hopkins, 1915
tribus Hypoborini Nüsslin, 1911
tribus Ipini Bedel, 1888 - ambrosia beetles
tribus Micracidini LeConte, 1876
tribus Phloeosinini Nüsslin, 1912
tribus Phloeotribini Chapuis, 1869
tribus Phrixosomatini Wood, 1978
tribus Polygraphini Chapuis, 1869
tribus Premnobiini Browne, 1962
tribus Scolytini Latreille, 1804 - typical bark beetles
tribus Scolytoplatypodini Blandford, 1893
tribus Xyleborini LeConte, 1876
tribus Xyloctonini Eichhoff, 1878
tribus Xyloterini LeConte, 1876
genus Stevewoodia Bright, 2010

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