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2016-02-09 23:49:08Ondřej ZichaOstracodes from the Letná Formation (Ordovician) of Blýskava (Bohemia)
2016-02-09 23:44:53Ondřej ZichaOstracodes from the Silurian of Central Bohemia
2016-02-09 00:57:33Daniel KouteckýTřetihorní rostliny severočeské hnědouhelné pánve
2016-02-05 12:42:22Ondřej ZichaNew Middle Cambrian lingulate brachiopods from the Skryje-Týřovice area (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)
2016-02-05 12:10:53Ondřej ZichaMiddle Cambrian Inarticulate Brachiopods from Central Bohemia
2016-02-05 12:06:20Ondřej ZichaFamily Dibrachicystidae (Echinodermata: Rhombifera) from the “Middle” Cambrian of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
2016-01-28 18:05:05Ondřej ZichaZe života ryb
2016-01-26 00:21:52Ondřej ZichaA reinterpretation of the solutan Plasiacystis mobilis (Echinodermata) from the Middle Ordovician of Bohemia
2016-01-26 00:20:28Ondřej ZichaPlasiacystis mobilis, gen. et sp. n., a strange “carpoid” (Echinodermata, ?Homoiostelea: Soluta) in the Bohemian Ordovician (Czech Republic)
2016-01-26 00:06:46Ondřej ZichaBivalves from the Middle Ordovician Šárka Formation (Prague Basin, Czech Republic)
2016-01-25 23:59:52Ondřej ZichaUppermost Ordovician bivalves from the Prague Basin (Hirnantian, Perunica, Bohemia)
2016-01-25 18:32:05Michal MaňasHardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods
2016-01-24 19:16:57Ondřej ZichaPossible hydroid from the Lower and Middle Ordovician of Bohemia
2016-01-24 17:56:00Ondřej ZichaCarinolithidae fam. nov., Carinolithes bohemicus sp. nov. and Slehoferites slehoferi gen. et sp. nov.
2016-01-24 17:44:51Ondřej ZichaJincelites vogeli sp. nov. new Cambrian hyolith (Drumian, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
2016-01-24 17:27:37Ondřej ZichaSkryjelites auritus gen. et sp. nov. and Quasimolites quasimodo gen. et sp. nov. - two new middle Cambrian hyolithids (?Mollusca) from the Czech Republic
2016-01-24 17:26:25Ondřej ZichaGracilitheca astronauta n. sp. and Nephrotheca sophia n. sp. (Hyolitha, Orthothecida) from the Cambrian of Czech Republic.
2016-01-24 17:13:00Ondřej ZichaTwo new orthothecids from the Cambrian of the Barrandian area (Hyolitha, Skryje-Týřovice Basin, Czech Republic)
2016-01-24 16:56:41Ondřej ZichaGracilitheca and Nephrotheca (Hyolitha, Orthothecida) in the Cambrian of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
2016-01-22 12:39:34Ondřej ZichaPterygotid eurypterids (Arthropoda, Chelicerata) in the Silurian and Devonian of Bohemia
2016-01-19 11:04:37Ondřej ZichaPalaeozoic record of Thaumatoporella PIA, 1927 (incertae sedis)?
2016-01-18 01:25:58Ondřej ZichaBen Sale's Flicker Albums
2016-01-16 12:32:15Francesco VitaliA photographic catalogue of the Cerambycidae of the New World
2016-01-16 12:09:41Francesco VitaliLonghorn Beetle of Japan
2016-01-16 12:08:01Michal KubíkMichal Kubík- UW foto
2016-01-16 12:04:37Francesco VitaliFarfalle della Valle Morobbia
2016-01-13 12:44:20Ondřej ZichaA first report of Sphenothallus Hall, 1847 in the Cambrian of Variscan Europe
2016-01-13 01:25:11Ondřej ZichaOstracodes from the Dobrotivá Formation (Ordovician, Bohemia)
2016-01-12 11:23:14Ondřej ZichaWorm-like fossils (Palaeoscolecida; ?Chaetognatha) from the Lower Ordovician of Bohemia
2016-01-12 11:21:26Michal MaňasConchiglie Veneziane
2016-01-09 15:04:05Ondřej ZichaAn annotated check-list of genera and species of carpoids
2016-01-09 15:02:25Ondřej ZichaRamacrinus robustus sp. n. (Crinoidea, Inadunata) from the Koněprusy Limestone, Lower Devonian, Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)
2016-01-09 15:02:24Ondřej ZichaSimakocrinus gen. nov. (Crinoidea, col.) from the Bohemian Early and Middle Devonian of the Barrandian Area (the Czech Republic)
2016-01-09 15:02:23Ondřej ZichaCarpocrinus chlupaci sp. n. and Bouskacrinus solus gen. et sp. n. (Echinodermata, Crinoidea) from the Koněprusy Limestone (Lower Devonian, Pragian) of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
2016-01-08 23:25:26Ondřej ZichaThe earliest ostracods from the Ordovician of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
2016-01-04 20:38:32Ondřej ZichaAntCat
2015-12-29 19:33:45Ondřej ZichaSpecies diversification of conulariids from the Lower Paleozoic of Prague Basin
2015-12-24 11:38:54Ondřej ZichaCatalog of the fossil flies of the world
2015-12-11 20:28:29Ondřej ZichaThripsWiki
2015-12-09 01:40:38Ondřej ZichaAntWiki
2015-12-09 01:40:00Ondřej ZichaSeznam mravenců České republiky
2015-12-09 01:39:45Ondřej ZichaMyrmekologie
2015-12-09 01:39:44Ondřej ZichaMyrmecology Portal
2015-12-09 01:39:43Ondřej ZichaKlíč k určování nejběžnějších českých mravenců
2015-12-09 01:39:42Ondřej ZichaAntWeb
2015-12-09 01:39:40Tomas HLUSKAAnts in Australia
2015-12-06 20:44:57Ondřej ZichaStratigraphic distribution of the class Hyolitha (Mollusca) in the Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)
2015-11-16 23:26:53Ondřej ZichaAnnotated checklist of the sharks, batoids and chimaeras (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii, Holocephali) from waters of Russia and adjacent areas
2015-11-16 23:25:45Ondřej ZichaBibliography Database of living/fossil sharks, rays and chimaeras
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