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This messageboard contains frequently updated list of changes that are not big enough to fit into News section. At first it might be slightely behind its czech version


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Ondřej Zicha   [2005-08-29 17:14:35]
- taxonomy system updates:

Fulgoromorpha, Sternorrhyncha, Auchenorrhyncha: 2970 new taxa

Phthiraptera: 355 new taxa

Thysanoptera: 299 new taxa

Neuroptera: 120 new taxa

Raphidioptera: 24 new taxa

Siphonaptera: 181 new taxa

Ephemeroptera: 58 new taxa

Strepsiptera: 29 new taxa

Zygentoma: 22 new taxa

Blattodea: 47 new taxa

Dermaptera: 22 new taxa

Embioptera: 8 new taxa

Phasmatodea: 13 new taxa

Plecoptera: 169 new taxa

Psocoptera: 147 new taxa

Isoptera: 2 new taxa

- many Plantae families added, we plan to add almost complete Plantae genera of the world in near future

- paging of taxon profiles with more than 200 subtaxa

- minor changes in design all over the system

- function for listing changes in some part of the taxonomy system, for example all taxa/synonymes/images added or changed in selected number of days
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-08-05 11:21:23]
- new function showing greatest contributors: user statistics

- last three important supertaxa are now shown in taxon profile

- new function for searching for undetermined images: undetermined images

- new function for viewing changed data in selected system section, for example all changes in Mollusca branch. Can be accessed from any taxon profile, next to taxon statistics link which was moved there from left menu.

- Clausiliidae of the world

- update of system of Orthoptera: over 400 new records

- fixed some search bugs (hyphens in search string)

- gallery speed up
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-06-16 22:50:17]
- update of system of:

Copepoda - over 1430 new taxa
Ostracoda - over 640 new taxa
Branchiopoda - over 130 new taxa
Cirripedia, Symphyla, Pauropoda - asi 200 new taxa

Bryophyta, Anthocerophyta, Marchantiophyta - over 1170 new taxa
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-06-14 00:06:35]
- update of system of Diplopoda: over 640 new taxa
- update of system of Chilopoda: over 190 new taxa

- when someone determines image you've uploaded to gallery or someone changes determination you've made to some image you'll automatically recieve message to your BioLib mail. Can be turned off in "Edit account" form.

- thumbnails from index, taxon tree, checklist and subtaxa functions redirected from standard Image function to Taxon - Image function (allows to scroll through images of same species instead of whole gallery directory)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-06-11 17:20:35]
- update of system of Bryozoa (over 550 new taxa)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-06-10 18:50:25]
- update of system of

Nematoda over 1950 new taxa
Annelida over 1800 new taxa
Tardigrada over 300 new taxa
Malacostraca: over 2500 new taxa
Acanthocephala: over 60 new taxa
Kinorhyncha: over 30 new taxa
Entoprocta: over 25 new taxa
Nematomorpha, Priapula and other smaller groups: over 60 new taxa

- new logo of BioLib on main page and in top left corner (needs refresh if you've visited page recently)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-06-05 20:17:30]
- update of system of Platyhelminthes over 2000 new taxa (Zicha)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-05-31 23:15:37]
- update of system of Collembola over 500 new taxa Zicha
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-05-30 17:46:13]
- update of system of Chelicerata (except of Aranea): over 4000 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Echinodermata: over 240 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Chaetognatha: over 20 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Brachiopoda: over 20 new taxa (Zicha)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-05-29 16:27:21]
- update of system of Gastrotricha: over 250 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Rotifera: over 300 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Nemertea: over 150 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Ctenophora: over 50 new taxa(Zicha)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-05-29 01:27:31]
- update of system of Porifera: over 600 new taxa (Zicha)
Ondřej Zicha   [2005-05-28 18:26:09]
- update of system of Cnidaria, Gnathostomulida, Orthonectida, Dicyemida: over 800 new taxa (Zicha)
- update of system of Conchifera (Manas)

- big changes in mail functions:

- now it is possible to send messages directly from mail function instead of visiting user's profile and sending the message from there (applies only for registered users)
- selecting user for message header is possible using list, specifying his username or by clicking "reply" in mail from this person
- copies of sent messages are stored in your mailbox

- created News, Guestbook and History of changes message boards for users from outside of Czech Republic.

- older list of changes is available only in czech language
Records 21 to 32 of 32  
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