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20.05.2017 20:09:16Ondřej ZichaDiaphorodoris olakhalafi Khalaf, 2017 : A New Dorid Nudibranch Sea Slug Species from the Sea of Khorfakkan, Gulf of Oman, Arab Sea, Indian Ocean
18.05.2017 18:59:13Ondřej ZichaRhynchonelloidea des böhmischen älteren Paläozoikums (Brachiopoda)
17.05.2017 01:20:18Ondřej ZichaMiddle Cambrian pterobranchs and the Question: What is a graptolite?
17.05.2017 01:00:03Ondřej ZichaGraptolite (Hemichordata, Pterobranchia) preservation and identification in the Cambrian Series 3
15.05.2017 21:44:09Ondřej ZichaNine new species of Uramya Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Tachinidae) from Area de Conservación Guanacaste in northwestern Costa Rica, with a key to their identification
09.05.2017 09:31:54Ondřej ZichaReview of the Chinese species of Falsocamaria Pic with descriptions of two new species (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Stenochiinae)
07.05.2017 08:23:45Ondřej ZichaInformationen zu den Histeridae der Welt und Fauna Histeridae Europa
07.05.2017 08:22:10Ondřej ZichaEpierus comptus Erichson, 1834 (Coleoptera: Histeridae) – první nálezy v Čechách
05.05.2017 22:23:10Ondřej ZichaTwo New Tarsier Species (Tarsiidae, Primates) and the Biogeography of Sulawesi, Indonesia
02.05.2017 00:48:54Ondřej ZichaRedescription of the red-striped soft scale, Pulvinaria tenuivalvata (Newstead), with a new synonymy (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Coccidae)
01.05.2017 22:09:15Ondřej ZichaReview of the Nearctic genus Lacconotus LeConte (Coleoptera, Mycteridae, Eurypinae)
17.04.2017 10:52:00Ondřej ZichaIntegration of molecular, bioacoustical and morphological data reveals two new cryptic species of Pelodytes (Anura, Pelodytidae) from the Iberian Peninsula
08.04.2017 10:21:44Ondřej ZichaLower Devonian Fenestrata (Bryozoa) of the Prague Basin, Barrandian Area, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia
07.04.2017 23:38:00Ondřej ZichaSome problematic arthropods from the Upper Ordovician Letná Formation of Bohemia
07.04.2017 23:28:10Ondřej ZichaEpibiont relationships on hyolithids demonstrated by Ordovician trepostomes (Bryozoa) and Devonian tabulates (Anthozoa)
07.04.2017 22:37:21Ondřej ZichaBryozoan fauna from the Koněprusy limestone (Pragian, Lower Devonian) of Zlaty Kůň near Koněprusy (Czech Republic)
06.04.2017 16:11:27Ondřej ZichaSurvey of echinoderms and a new ophiocistioid Branzoviella talpa gen. et sp. n. (Echinodermata, Ophiocistioidea) in the Lower Devonian, Lochkov Formation of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
06.04.2017 15:38:36Ondřej ZichaMuscle scars, systematics and mode of life of the Silurian Family Drahomiridae (Mollusca, Tergomya)
06.04.2017 15:35:05Ondřej ZichaThe Middle Ordovician tergomyan mollusc Pygmaeoconus: an obligatory epibiont on hyolithids
06.04.2017 15:27:46Ondřej ZichaEarly Devonian (Emsian) hyolith Ottomarites discors (Barrande, 1867) with colour pattern
06.04.2017 15:20:34Ondřej ZichaSlapylites gen. n. from the Middle Cambrian of Bohemia (Hyolitha)
06.04.2017 15:15:18Ondřej ZichaThe discovery of new hyolithid fauna in the Middle Cambrian of Bohemia
06.04.2017 15:06:52Ondřej ZichaMiddle Cambrian hyolithes: Maxilites gen. n.
23.04.2017 18:08:39Ondřej ZichaTwo new genera of Pauxillitidae Marek, 1967 (Hyolitha)
06.04.2017 11:05:57Ondřej ZichaThe first occurrence of the Devonian rugose coral Calceola sandalina (Linné, 1771) in the Barrandien area, Czech republic
06.04.2017 10:59:07Ondřej ZichaHolynocrinus, new crinoid genus from the Middle Devonian of Bohemia
06.04.2017 10:57:04Ondřej ZichaA new Early Devonian palaeozygopleurid gastropod from the Prague Basin (Bohemia) with notes on the phylogeny of the Loxonematoidea
06.04.2017 10:18:02Ondřej ZichaReview of palaeozygopleurid gastropods (Palaeozygopleuridae, Gastropoda) from Devonian strata of the Perunica microplate (Bohemia), with a re-evaluation of their stratigraphic distribution, notes on their ontogeny, and descriptions of new taxa
06.04.2017 10:14:12Ondřej ZichaHolamptocrinus argutus gen. et sp. n. (Crinoidea, col.) from the Lower Devonian (Dalejan) of the Barrandian area (Czech republic)
06.04.2017 10:09:45Ondřej ZichaMode of life of a new onychochilid mollusc from the Lower Devonian of Bohemia
05.04.2017 23:32:01Ondřej ZichaThe youngest representatives of the genus Ribeiria Sharpe, 1853 from the late Katian of the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
05.04.2017 23:04:36Ondřej ZichaCodiacystis bohemica (Barrande, 1887) from the Ordovician of Libya (Cystoidea)
05.04.2017 00:15:29Ondřej ZichaNew Lower Ordovician hyolithid genera
04.04.2017 23:53:46Ondřej ZichaNew hyolithid genera from the Ordovician of Bohemia
01.04.2017 15:54:10Ondřej ZichaThe Class Hyolitha in the Caradoc of Bohemia
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